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Marijuana Addiction Treatment


Often called the “gateway drug,” marijuana may seem not dangerous but can just as easily form an addiction.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration estimates around 48.2 million Americans have admitted to using marijuana within the last year.

About 4 million or more people qualify as marijuana addicts.

Through a combination of therapy sessions and treatments, you can beat a marijuana addiction. Therefore, at New Breath Recovery, we offer highly effective treatments and therapy sessions. Our team is dedicated to help you recover from your marijuana addiction and provide you with the best chance of long-term recovery.

With marijuana becoming legal for recreational use in many states now, you may wonder what it really is. It goes by various names, including weed, pot, grass, and ganja. It is generally a mix of leaves and flowers from the hemp plant or the cannabis Indica or the Sativa plant. 

Many people use marijuana to chill out or for social purposes. However, its use can quickly spiral into marijuana addiction or a cannabis use disorder if not taken care of. Those that abuse marijuana are also at a higher risk for other drug abuse.

If you’ve never looked into a marijuana addiction treatment center before, you may be wondering if you really need treatment. Some common physical, psychological, and behavioral symptoms that marijuana addiction treatment may be the right choice for you or a loved one are:

Common Symptoms:

1. You often isolate yourself to use or hide the amount of marijuana you use from others.
2. You begin to experience marijuana withdrawal symptoms as soon as your last use has worn off.
3. You are starting to need to use more marijuana in order to experience the same effects.
4. You have lost romantic relationships, friendships, and family relationships due to your drug addiction.
5. You have experienced significant financial loss or property loss in order to fund your addiction. 
6. You have begun to experience new or worsening mental health disorders from your marijuana abuse.
7. You have tried to quit marijuana cold turkey in the past but were not able to achieve long-term recovery.

The detox process for marijuana may look different depending on how long and often an individual has been abusing marijuana. Before entering a treatment center for marijuana addiction, clients must undergo detoxification. During detox, we will determine if medication-assisted treatment is the right approach based on your unique situation and recovery goals. Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) involves using specific medications to decrease cravings and ease marijuana withdrawal symptoms. 

Inpatient Treatment

During the marijuana detox process, our treatment specialists will provide 24/7 medical support to ensure your comfort and safety. Following marijuana detox, we inspire clients to take part in inpatient treatment to get to the bottom of what caused their addiction, which is a necessary next step in long-term recovery.

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