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Xanax Addiction Treatment


If you are struggling with Xanax abuse, help can feel far away.

People with Xanax addiction likely have a panic or anxiety disorder and were prescribed Xanax alleviate the symptoms.

However, it is important to realize that help and healing are available for those who are struggling.

Prescription drugs, even those prescribed for legitimate reasons, can still create a tendency to become addictive. But you don’t have to face your struggle with substance abuse alone. At New Breath Recovery, we work to remind you there is no shame in struggling with prescription medication addiction. With the support of our specialists, you can begin your recovery journey today.

Xanax is a benzodiazepine drug that treats anxiety and panic disorders. However, because regular Xanax use slows a person’s brain activity, it has been used to treat individuals with sleep disorders, seizures, mania, and stress.

Unfortunately, the widened use of Xanax has opened the door for increased Xanax abuse and addiction. Xanax’s effects manifest within 30 minutes, causing dependence in as little as six weeks of daily use. Increased dosage and frequency of Xanax use are warning signs that a person needs addiction treatment.

For many individuals, professional addiction treatment services are necessary to recover from addiction.

Xanax use is intended to impact both the brain and body of a person; therefore, withdrawal symptoms from taking the drug can quickly become extreme. These symptoms can cause relapse or accidental overdose in just 12 hours.

Physical Symptoms

Unfortunately, the physical symptoms of Xanax withdrawal usually involve many of the side effects that Xanax intends to treat. For example, a person who quits regular Xanax abuse could experience insomnia, dizziness, stress headaches, along with blurred vision. In the most extreme case, a person will suffer from withdrawal seizures that could be deadly if not treated.

Psychological Withdrawal Symptoms

The psychological withdrawal process from Xanax can be especially complicated because of the nature of individuals who have been prescribed Xanax. Anxiety disorder sufferers may experience mood swings, anxiety, and negative thoughts that can lead to suicide. Xanax withdrawal symptoms can amplify these effects.

Therefore, at New Breath Recovery, our addiction treatment is based on care that gets to the root of the issue. This means our Xanax addiction treatment options focus on medical detox and long-term mental health support.

Your treatment process for Xanax addiction will begin with medical detox to help you safely manage your withdrawal symptoms. With the support of our addiction professionals, you can break your cycle of substance abuse and continue in your recovery process free from harmful chemicals in your body. Because of the challenge of withdrawal symptoms, it is important to always detox with the support of an addiction specialist. Failure to do so can be dangerous and lead to relapse.

Our drug addiction treatment for Xanax abuse may also include dual diagnosis treatment, as you are most likely struggling with co-occurring mental health disorders along with your substance abuse. This treatment offers you medication management and cognitive behavioral therapy you need to learn positive life skills in place of substance abuse in the future.

Our team of professionals will work directly with you to help determine the level of care that is appropriate for your special needs.

Our mission at New Breath Recovery is that recovery requires a lifelong commitment. Through residential treatment and aftercare programs, we work with you to offer the addiction treatment services you most need to achieve and maintain successful sobriety.

Contact us today for more information on how New Breath Recovery can best serve you. Whether you want to figure out insurance coverage, our rehab admissions process, or other treatment options available to you, one phone call can begin seeking addiction treatment at 4New Breath Recovery.

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