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Oxycodone Addiction Treatment


If you are struggling with oxycodone substance abuse, it’s easy to feel lost and confused.

People often start misusing oxycodone when it’s prescribed for pain relief and feel ashamed to seek assistance.

Therefore, if you are struggling with addiction to oxycodone, know that help is available and you are not alone.

At New Breath Recovery, we want to help you make your drug addiction a thing of the past!

When you commit to oxycodone addiction treatment with us, you will receive special treatment. Furthermore, learn about our treatment programs and how we can help you break free from oxycodone abuse today!

Firstly, oxycodone is the primary element in many painkillers used for pain relief and management, including Oxycontin, Percocet, and Roxicodone. Secondly, its medical use is commonly related to chronic pain from cancer and severe pain from surgery recovery.

However, as is true with other cases of opiate addiction, oxycodone is highly addictive for its impact on dopamine levels in the brain. On top of this, a person is at great risk of oxycodone overdose after beginning oxycodone abuse, as they will quickly have to take larger and more often doses of the drug to get the same effects.

Once a person has developed oxycodone dependence, quitting the drug will result in uncomfortable and even deadly withdrawal symptoms within 8 to 12 hours after the last dose. The hurt associated with these withdrawal symptoms can put a person at higher risk for relapse or accidental overdose.

Because of oxycodone addiction’s severe and dangerous withdrawal symptoms, it’s important to get support from a professional detox facility. Also, to get to the root of substance abuse, you need addiction treatment programs in order to provide the best chances at a full and safe recovery.

Physical Symptoms

The body interprets withdrawal symptoms as sickness due to the lack of regular drug abuse. That is why many of the physical symptoms of oxycodone withdrawal are flu-like in nature. These include:

  • Nausea and vomiting

  • Diarrhea

  • Physical fatigue

  • Body aches and pains​

Psychological Withdrawal Symptoms

The behavioral symptoms of oxycodone withdrawal can vary. Just as an individual can struggle with focusing when they are extremely hungry, so also a person addicted to oxycodone will experience anxiety, mood swings, and frustration when they quit regular drug abuse. However, these symptoms will continue and can increase until a person can no longer feel pleasure without oxycodone use. In the most extreme cases, this will turn into depression and suicidal thoughts if a person faces withdrawal without addiction treatment.

Remember, because of these symptoms, never detox without the support of medical professionals and professional detox services! Oftentimes, medical detox services are critical for long-term recovery.

The mission for addiction treatment at New Breath Recovery is based on mental health care that gets to the root of the issue. This means we support you through every step of your recovery, from the residential treatment process to aftercare once you return home.

Our first step together in your oxycodone addiction treatment is medical detox. This process helps you break your cycle of oxycodone dependence while also helping you manage your withdrawal symptoms in a safe and comfortable environment. But this is only the first step in your journey to recovery!

On top of helping you process the root cause of your drug abuse, behavioral therapy is a key element of our treatment programs. This provides individual therapy, family counseling, and holistic modalities. This is so you can get to the root of addictive tendencies and pave the way for healing.

Moreover, our mission at New Breath Recovery is that recovery requires a long-term commitment. We offer special residential treatment and aftercare programs to help you achieve and maintain a sober life.

Contact us today for more information on how New Breath Recovery can best serve you. Call us at New Breath Recovery to start your recovery journey. We can help you with insurance, the admission process, and treatment options.

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